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N.U.G.S.A is the umbrella organization for both The American Association of Petroleum Geologists (A.A.P.G) and The Society Of Exploration Geophysicist (S.E.G).  One of the main objectives is to unite and support member activities by encouraging and facilitating knowledge sharing and by inviting experts in relevant geological areas.  N.U.GS.A aims to bring to its member’s attention the departmental issues and to work collaboratively in finding solutions.


University of Nairobi Geology Students Association members on a field trip


To create a healthy and conducive environment for effective learning of Geology and related courses to empower and solve geological related problems in the society.


To amplify the voice of students whereas maintaining smooth running with the Department and school through advocating for students issues.


  • To provide a platform for students to interact and engage at different levels
  • To ensure proper dissemination of information to all students through; meetings, journals and magazines
  • To organize academic trips and tours for Member students
  • Invite motivational and professional speakers in related fields from renown companies
  • Point out academic related problems affecting students
  • Link up the students to the corporate world through internships and attachments
University of Nairobi Geology Students Association