Quality assurance

The University of Nairobi Directorate of Quality Assurance is one of the service departments in the University. The functions of the directorate are stated, inter alia, as development and implementation of Quality Assurance Policy and Procedures for monitoring the programme quality and that of delivery processes, and synthesis of topical Quality Assurance matters in higher education. As a sub-system of the University of Nairobi system, the focus point for the directorate is the University’s vision, which is:  

A world-class university committed to scholarly excellence

Our work at the directorate must start by unbundling our University’s vision so that we can ensure the functions of the directorate are performed in such a way as to help move the University of Nairobi system towards the common aim as expressed in the vision. This means setting out indicators of a world-class and scholarly excellence and selecting the techniques and tools to help move the university towards the status in terms of these indicators.

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