Outstanding Achievers Award

Prof. Richard Mibey

Prof. Richard Mibey


exemplary service in promotion of access to university education. 

Holder of industrial patent and an astute innovator, entrepreneur and astute administrator. Special recognition for massive expansion of education in Kenya giving access to university education. Presided over founding of 15 of the 33 University Colleges in Kenya

Recognized as a world authority on fungal systematics (Ascomycetes) and its applications. World Authority on Fungal Taxonomy and Biodiversity Conservation.


Prof. John O. Kokwaro (posthumous) 

Prof. John O. Kokwaro

Exemplary taxonomist responsible for establishment of the University of Nairobi Herbarium


First holder of Doctor of Science (DSc.) of the University of Nairobi

Exemplary performance as teacher, scholar and author and Expanded the University of Nairobi Herbarium


Prof. Thomas Odhiambo (Posthumous) 

Prof. Thomas Odhiambo   

Visionary leader in scientific institutional development in Insect Science in Africa

Thomas was a special man on a mission to improve Africa’s food sustainability and the wellbeing of its people. He is one of our most deserving laureates . Odhiambo helped to establish three institutes of higher education - the Third World Academy of Sciences in Trieste, Italy, in 1983; The Kenya National Academy of Sciences in Nairobi in 1983; and the African Academy of Sciences, also in Nairobi, in 1985. In 1970, He set up the departments of entomology and agriculture at the University of Nairobi, Founded International Centre of Insect Physiology and Ecology (ICIPE) in Nairobi.  Entomologist harnessing science for Africa's poor He founded a children's science publishing house in Kenya, a secondary school near Mombasa, and wrote six books for children