Call for applications

As part of celebrating UON@50, the College of Biological and Physical Sciences (CBPS) plans to recognize and showcase cutting edge research and innovation by its students, both at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

The research and/or innovations must be considered to be ground breaking by its ability or potential to provide solutions to societal challenges or potential for expanding the frontiers of science.

UON@50 CBPS Committee welcomes applications from current students at the College at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Applications should explicitly state what makes the research and/or innovation outstanding that it should be considered for showcasing and recognition demonstrating how it has impacted science and society or has demonstrable potential to impact science or society.

Applications must be accompanied with an endorsement letter from the applicant’s Chairman of Department/Dean/Director.

The selection of the research and innovations to be showcased will be on a competitive basis. Applications will be reviewed by an independent selection committee.

Deadline for applications: has been extended from May 7, 2021 to May 31st 2021

In case of questions/information related to the call, please contact:

Dr. Catherine Lukhoba


UON@50, CBPS Committee


Applications to be submitted by email to: registrar-cbps@uonbi.ac.ke


The University of Nairobi owes its origin to several developments in higher education within the country and the region. The idea of an institution for higher learning in Kenya goes back to 1947 when the Kenya Government drew up a plan for the establishment of a technical and commercial institute in Nairobi.

By 1949, this plan had grown into an East African concept aimed at providing higher technical education for the region.

In September 1951, a Royal Charter was issued to the Royal Technical College of East Africa and the foundation stone of the college was laid in April 1952, later named the Royal College Nairobi in 1958.

The Royal College Nairobi was renamed University College, Nairobi on May 20, 1964, preparing students for bachelor's degrees awarded by the University of London, while also continuing to offer college diploma programmes. In 1966, the University College Nairobi began preparing students exclusively for degrees of the University of East Africa, with the exception of the Department of Domestic Science.

With effect from July 1, 1970, the University of East Africa was dissolved and the three East African countries set up their national Universities. This development saw the birth of the University of Nairobi established by an Act of Parliament.

Since 1970, the University of Nairobi has achieved many milestones and innovations which have contributed to its development and that of the nation.

The University has turned 50 years old and this calls for celebrations. The UON@50 celebrations.