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Desert Landscape Services: Insights From Pastoralist Communities in Northern Kenya 349238470.pdf
Assessing the Ecological Impacts of Transportation Infrastructure Development: A Reconnaissance Study of the Standard Gauge Railway in Kenya 0246248.pdf
The Synergy between the Comprehensive Nuclear Test-Ban Treaty Organization and the Kenya National Data Centre Insights from Analysis of Chyulu Earthquake using Seismic and infrasound technologies 397.pdf
Dissolved Organic Matter in Continental Hydro-Geothermal Systems: Insights from Two Hot Springs of the East African Rift Valley 3512.pdf
Scaling up crop diversification among farming communities for food security under climate change: A case study of the Kenyan PELIS programme. 347728479.pdf
Restoration of degraded grasslands, but not invasion by Prosopis juliflora, avoids trade-offs between climate change mitigation and other ecosystem services s41598-020-77126-7.pdf
Mining Impacts on Society: A Case Study of Taita Taveta County, Kenya 10.3934.pdf
Hydrogeochemistry of a strategic alluvial aquifer system in a semi-arid setting and its implications for potable urban water supply: The Lodwar Alluvial Aquifer System (LAAS) S2352801X20300564.pdf
Trends In Climate Variables (Temperature And Rainfall) And Local Perceptions Of Climate Change In Lamu, Kenya 1321-3288-1-SM.pdf
An East African Perspective of the Anthropocene S246822762030291X.pdf