Products and Services

The Department of Geology offers various Products and Training & Consultancy Services for its clients.


Products :- Geological Science Kits for Schools

The Department has created Geological Science Kits for students in Primary and Secondary schools. These self-contained collections are affordable and perfect for teaching basic properties of rocks and minerals.  One kit is for the collection of rocks found in Kenya, e.g Igneous, Sedimentary and Metamorphic rocks.  The other kit is for the collection of minerals found in Kenya e.g fluorite, feldspar, hematite, pyrite, quartz, calcite, and muscovite.  Each Kit costs Kshs. 25,000/=



Training and Consultancy Services

The Department offers training and consultancy services to various Organizations and Institutions under its main thematic areas as listed below. We do also offer specialized training as per our clients needs. The areas are listed below:-

1.Mineralogy and Petrology
2.Economic Geology
3.Environmental Geology and Management
4.Engineering Geology
5.Hydrogeology and Groundwater Resource Management
6.Petroleum Geology
7.Marine Geology and Resources
8.Applied Geochemistry
9.Applied Geophysics
11.Palynology and Micropalaeontology
12.Mineral Exploration
13.Mineral and Geothermal Resourses


For more information and enquiries on the above please contact us via email or Call us during weekdays 8.00am to 5.00pm on +254 20 444 4118