Mentorship Programme

While pursing a rigorous academic program in the Department of Geology, the department provide the students with mentoring services. A process which links the students, providing them with an opportunity to learn from a professional who shares their expertise, knowledge and insights to support development of the student as they progress through their academic journey preparing them for the next step after graduating.

The mentoring program can be hugely beneficial to the students in the department. Our Mentors could have either studied a similar programme or be working in an area that interests the student. Some of the benefits include:

  • The students learn more about their career 
  • They discover the current needs in the market place
  • They work towards a personal or career-orientated goal. 
  • They gain personal and professional development
  • The students develop professional networks

In realization of the importance of mentorship the Department of Geology has developed a mentorship committee which assigned a mentor for each year. The mentors are as follows 

1st Year  - Dr. J.K. Mulwa 

2nd Year  - Dr. C. M Gichaba 

3rd Year - Prof. C.M. Nyamai 

4th Year  - Prof D.O. Olago 

Postgraduate - Dr. Z. N. Kuria 

For more information on Mentorship and consultations hours please reach us through the following contacts:

Office Tel: +254 20 4445896  or Email: