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2014/2015 Academic Year
Project NameStudent Name Academic YearProject Link
The Impact Of Waste Water Injection On Induced Seismicity And Potential Implications In Kenya Ambasa Watson Agenyera 2014/2015 View Details
A Review Of Formation Damage In Petroleum Reservoirs: A Case Study Of Oguendjo Block,gabon And Lokichar Basin, Kenya Angengo Janice Heliana 2014/2015 View Details
Multi-element Analysis Of Soil Extracts Using Inductively Coupled Plasma (icp) And X-ray Fluoresence: A Case Study Of Khayega Area Awiti Cheryl Oballa 2014/2015 View Details
Structure, Evolution And Petroleum Potential Of Muglad Rift Basin, South Sudan Deng Jacob Jok 2014/2015 View Details
The Landslide Hazards Of Mt.elgon Benjamin Atieno Opiyo 2014/2015 View Details
The Dynamics Of Landslides In Kenya And The Conceptualisation Of A Landslide Early System Dennis Njenga Kamanga 2014/2015 View Details
Mitigation, Management And Flood Control In Nairobi Derrick Michieka Nchore 2014/2015 View Details
Fault Seal Analysis And Prediction: Reducing Uncertainties Associated With Faults In Hydrocarbon Basin Francis Njuki Mwangi 2014/2015 View Details
Application Of Steam Injections And Microseismicity In The Exploration Of Oil: Successes And Challenges Kamau Diana Wambui 2014/2015 View Details
Economic Potential Of Methane Gas In Olkaria’s North East And East Geothermal Fields Karen. N. Masila 2014/2015 View Details
Characteristics Of Earthquakes Located In The Magadi Area, Kenya. Kibos Kevin Kiplagat 2014/2015 View Details
Corals As An Environmental Change Indicator Komboh Caroline Kerubo 2014/2015 View Details
Cation Exchange Capabilities Of Natural Zeolites In The Remediation Of River Kirichwa Malidzo Joshua C. 2014/2015 View Details
Integration Of Silicon Chips Into Rock And Mineral Identification Processes Mjomba Peter Kefa 2014/2015 View Details
Potential For Carbon Dioxide Geosequestration In Kenya: A Suitability Analysis Of The Lamu Basin Mnyika Godwin Mzumbi 2014/2015 View Details
Comparison Between Sapphire Deposits In Kenya, Madagascar And Tanzania; A Case Study Of Dusi Mine, Andranondambo Mine, And Tunduru Mine Mung’atia Grace Mwende 2014/2015 View Details
Effects Of Geothermal Drilling On The Chemistry Of Ground Water: Case Study The South Rift System In Kenya: Olkaria Geothermal Fields Nzioka Joy Mutheu 2014/2015 View Details
Groundwater Potential Of Gwasi Area Odhiambo Dave 2014/2015 View Details
Nairobi Groundwater: Aquifer Recharge And Discharge Rate Ombewa George Gudah 2014/2015 View Details
Application Of Gis In Oil And Gas Exploration: Play Analysis Using Gis Techniques In Block L2 In Lamu Basin Otieno Kennedy Tom 2014/2015 View Details
Effects Of Sedimentation On Water Quality Within Winam-gulf Otieno Walter Obuya 2014/2015 View Details
The Self-hardening Property Of Laterites Otuoma Geoffrey Kennedy 2014/2015 View Details
Implications Of Shear Zones On Natural Resource Mapping Paul Everlyn Mutheu 2014/2015 View Details
Drilling And Production Induced Instability Of Hyddrocarbon Formations Shariff Naima Awo 2014/2015 View Details
Manganese Mineralisation In Metamorphic Terrains: Case Study Nguuni Area, Makueni County Songa Mercy Atieno 2014/2015 View Details
Sitation Of A Geological Nuclear Repository Of The Proposed Kenya Nuclear Power Plant (npp) Kevin Namasaka Wanjala 2014/2015 View Details
Evaluation Of The Groundwater Potential In Isinya Area, Isinya District Of Kajiado County Isah Oteba Said 2014/2015 View Details
The Plio-pleistocene History Of Sedimentation In Lake Baringo Basin, Kenya - A Drill Core Perspective Njagi Dennis Muriithi 2014/2015 View Details