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2011/2012 Academic Year
Project NameStudent Name Academic YearProject Link
Geological Structural Controls On The Groundwater Flow Into The Lake Naivasha And The Risks Of Over Exploitation On The Future Of The Lake Boniface Mutiso 2011/2012 View Details
Groundwater Potentials In Naivasha: Case Study Naivasha East Area, Kenya Mwangi Daniel I. 2011/2012 View Details
The Influence Of Geology And Geological Structures On The Occurrence And Distribution Of Geothermal Systems In The Kenyan Rift Alice Wamaitha Karanja 2011/2012 View Details
Identification Characterisation And Industrial Use Of Feldspars In Kenya Case Study: The Namanga Area Irungu Peter Wachira 2011/2012 View Details
Underground Use By Tunneling In Nairobi Gandi F. Ngonyo 2011/2012 View Details
Potential Environmental Impact Due To Mining And Use Of Coal In Areas Around Mui Basin In Kenya Gilbert Kipruto 2011/2012 View Details
Assesing The Feasibility Of Turning Abandoned Quarries And Pits In The Tala-kangundo Area Into Fish Ponds Githiomi Alice Muringe 2011/2012 View Details
Use Of Magnetic Method In Identification Of Faults And Underground Structures, Case Study Olobanita Well Field Nakuru Kenya Kamau Peter Mwarangu 2011/2012 View Details
Correlation Of Lithology, Hydrothermal Alteration With Temperarures On Olkaria Domes, Kenya Kamau Purity Mwihaki 2011/2012 View Details
Geochemical Characterization Of Iron Ore Deposits Of The Mozambique Belt, Ikutha Area In Kenya. Kang'utu Micheal Muambi 2011/2012 View Details
Significance Of Volatile Constituents From The Geothermal Fields Of Olkaria Kariuki Lydiah Wambui 2011/2012 View Details
Use Of Pyroclastic Rocks As A Tool For The Evaluation Of Geothermal Systems During The Prospecting Stage Of Geothermal Reservoirs; Case Study Naivasha, Kenya Ochieng Onyango Moses 2011/2012 View Details
Assessment Of Water Quality & Potential In Relationship To The Local Geology Around Thika Green Limited Estate In Kiambu County, Kenya Mulongo M 2011/2012 View Details
Groundwater Potential Of Thika Area, Kenya Muraguri Peter Njuguna 2011/2012 View Details
Suitability Of Crystalline Graphite For Industrial Use - Case Study Chawia Kenya Muriithi Lee 2011/2012 View Details
Determination Of The Thickest Aquifer Using Increasing Boreholes In Athi River Town And Its Environs Of Machakos County, Kenya. Mwangi John Muriithi 2011/2012 View Details
An Appraisal Study Of The Geothermal Potential Of The Kenya Rift Edgar Nambiro 2011/2012 View Details
Geological And Structural Controls On Hydraulic Aquifer Properties And Groundwater Distribution In Isinya Area Of Kajiado County, Kenya Nduta Edward Gichuki 2011/2012 View Details
Genesis And Geochemical Characterization Of Clay Deposit Of Kyatune Area, Southeastern Kenya Ng’etich Emmanuel Rutto 2011/2012 View Details
Gis As A Tool For Mineral Exploration In Kenya Njagi Dennis Muriithi 2011/2012 View Details
Pollution Of Groundwater In Urban Areas Of Kenya; Focusing Nairobi City Nkonge Murungi Eliud 2011/2012 View Details
Magnetic Data Analysis Of Shallow Geological Structures Using Selected Magnetic Filters And Comparison Of The Results: Baharini Well Field, Lake Nakuru Basin, Rift Valley, Kenya. Ogut Julius Odida 2011/2012 View Details
Geochemical, Classification And Economic Significance Of Coal In The Mui Basin, Southeastern Kenya Florence J. Tanui 2011/2012 View Details
Characterisation Of Copper Minerals In The Kanzugo Area Of The Mozambique Mobile Belt Wairimu Dennis Karuku 2011/2012 View Details
Correlation Of Hydrothermal Alteration And Permeability Of Geothermal Reservoirs In Olkaria North East And Olkaria Domes, Olkaria, Kenya. Wamunyu Edward Mureithi 2011/2012 View Details
Vulnerability Of Nairobi Aquifers Due To Over Abstraction Of Groundwater Resources 2011/2012 View Details
Geologic Factors Leading To Borehole Failure In Machakos County, Kenya 2011/2012 View Details
Groundwater Potential Of Kajiado Municipality And Its Environs In Kajiado County, Kenya 2011/2012 View Details
Characterization Of Limestone Deposits In The Mozambique Belt Of Kenya, A Case Study Of Kajiado Area 2011/2012 View Details
Ground Water Occurrence, Exploration And Exploitation In The Basement Rock System, Case Study Area, Lukenya, Machakos County Kenya Waweru Michael Karanja 2011/2012 View Details