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2009-2010 Academic Year
Project NameStudent Name Academic YearProject Link
A Magnetic Study Of The Shallow Structure Beneath The Olobanita Wellfield, Kenya Rift: Implication On The Hydrogeology Of The Basin Deng Anyak William 2009-2010 View Details
Aquifer Stratigraphy And Hydrogeochemistry Of The Lake Nakuru Basin, Central Kenyan Rift Isaack Kiprono Kanda 2009-2010 View Details
Suitability Analysis Of The Yatta-canal Intake Valley For A Storage Reservoir Based On Geophysical And Geotechnical Survey Data In Kenya Jeremiah L. Muia 2009-2010 View Details
Geophysical Characterization Of The Lithology And Structure Of The Olobanita Well Field, Lower Baringo Basin, Kenyan Rift - Implications On The Groundwater Occurence In The Basin Mogaka Daniel Nyaberi 2009-2010 View Details
Geophysical Investigation Of Structural And Lithological Controls Of Groundwater Flow And Distribution In The Baharini Well Field, Lake Nakuru Basin Faith Wanjiru Waruguru 2009-2010 View Details
Geophysical Mapping Of Buried River Channels And Other Shallow Structures Recharging Major Aquifers In The Nakuru Basin,kenyan Rift-case Study From Kabatini Aquifer Aaron Waswa Kutukhulu 2009-2010 View Details
Groundwater Recharge Impacts And Land Use Change On Confined Aquifers Of The Upper Ewaso Ng'iro North Basin,kenya Samoka M. Ongwae 2009-2010 View Details
Hydraulic Characterization Of The Kabatini Aquifer,upper Lake Nakuru Basin,kenya Rift Using Geophysical And Pumping Test Data Benjamin Sosi 2009-2010 View Details