Degree Code:I15
Degree Type:BACHELOR
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Level : 1
Semester: Non Specified
Course Code Course Name Course Hours 
SGL 101 Materials Of The Earth 45View Description
SGL 102 Earth Processes45View Description
SMA 101 Basic Mathematics45View Description
SMA103 Calculus I45View Description
SMA 104 Calculus Ii45View Description
SCH 101 General Inorganic Chemistry45View Description
SCH 102 Introduction To Organic Chemistry Of Alkanes And Cycloakenes45View Description
SCH 103 General Physical Chemistry45View Description
SPH 103 Waves And Optics 45View Description
CCS 001 Communication Skills 45View Description
CCS 009 Elements Of Economics45View Description
CCS 010 Hiv/aids45View Description
Level : 2
Semester: Non Specified
Course Code Course Name Course Hours 
SPG 201 Mineralogy And Crystallography 45View Description
SPG 202 Introduction To Petroleum Geology 45View Description
SGP 203 Introduction To Palaeontology 45View Description
SPG 204 Sedimentology45View Description
SGP 205 Fundamentals Of Computing 45View Description
SPG 206 Probability And Statistics For Geoscientific Applications 45View Description
SMA 201 Advanced Calculus45View Description
SMA 203 Linear Algebra I45View Description
SMA 204 Linear Algebra Ii45View Description
SCH 202 The Chemistry Of Alkyl Halides, Alcohols, Ethers Alkenes Alkynes And Aromatic Compounds45View Description
SCH 203 Thermodynamics I And Thermochemistry45View Description
SPH 202 Electricity And Magnetism Ii 45View Description
SPH 203 Structure And Properties Of Matter45View Description
Level : 3
Semester: Non Specified
Course Code Course Name Course Hours 
SPG 301 Igneous And Metamorphic Petrology 45View Description
SPG 302 Applied Palaeontology And Palynology 45View Description
SPG 303 Sequence Stratigraphy 45View Description
SPG 304 Structural Geology And Rock Mechanics 45View Description
SPG 305 Global Tectonics And Sedimentary Basins 45View Description
SPG 306 The Geology Of Petroleum 45View Description
SPG 307 Reservoir Characterization 45View Description
SPG 308 Traps And Seals Of Hydrocarbon Reservoirs 45View Description
SPG 309 Field Geology, Mapping Techniques And Report Writing 45View Description
SPG 310 Principles And Application Of Gis 45View Description
SPG 311 Exploration Geophysics 45View Description
SPG 312: Petroleum Exploration Geochemistry 45View Description
Level : 4
Semester: Non Specified
Course Code Course Name Course Hours 
SPG 401 Techniques In Geophysical Data Analysis 45View Description
SPG 402 Seismic Data Processing And Interpretation 45View Description
SPG 403 Sedimentary Basins 45View Description
SPG 404 Basin Analysis And Modeling 45View Description
SPG 405 Well Logging Techniques 45View Description
SPG 406 Petroleum Production And Development 45View Description
SPG 407 Project In Petroleum Geoscience 45View Description
SPG 408 Petroleum Technology 45View Description
SPG 409 Drilling And Petroleum Engineering 45View Description
SPG 410 Petroleum Geology Of Kenya 45View Description
SPG 411 Petroleum Prospect Evaluation, Petroleum Economics And Management 45View Description
SPG 412 Environmental Impact Assessment And Monitoring 45View Description

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