Seismic Reflection method in hydrocarbon reservoirs identification; 2D, 3D multi-component seismic data interpretation to enhance exploration result and its application in the Anza basin in Kenya”
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In the interpretation of the high resolution seismic data from the F3 block of the North sea was used to evaluate the ability of improved data interpretation of seismic data of both 3D and 2D data would be of importance in the hydrocarbon identification and reservoir identification in the Anza Graben.

Based on literature reviews of the use of seismic data from different places where they have been used successfully data processing was inferred and the raw data analyzed and interpreted with the results showing interpretation and detection of faults, stratigraphic interpretation, and prediction of porosity layer depth. These correlated to the geo-tectothermal setting characteristics of the Anza basin subtle hydrocarbon plays are interpreted.

From the results attested from the interpreted data the geological setting of this basin identification of oil and gas play in this region would be achieved using the various processing and interpretation ways discussed in this project as it will help in well placements and reduction the no of dry holes that have been witnessed in the past, also greatly reduce exploration time on successful prediction on well interpreted data set that has been properly acquired.