Tectonic, Climate and Evolution in East Africa funded by the Volkswagen Foundation and DAAD Germany
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Apart from the research activities in the Suguta Area of the Rift Valley, the project organizes summerschool in the field of geo-biosciences in East AFrica, including the disciplines of palaeoclimatology, palaeontology, palaeoanthropology, evolutionary biology, structural geology and geophysics for both Kenyan and German postgraduate students.

The summerschool focuses on the relationships between the development of extreme relief in the East African Rift system, superposed past climate changes and their influence on mammalian and hominid evolution.

So far, the project has organized four consecutive summerschools. A fifth is planned for February 2011.

For more information contact: Prof. E.O. Odada - Email:eodada@uonbi.ac.ke


Joint project the University of Potsdam and the University of Nairobi.