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Tue, 2015-06-09 08:00 - Wed, 2015-06-10 18:00

The Global economic crisis and long term sustainability issues are serving as a catalysts and pushing mining companies for adoption of new technologies and tools. Understanding
the importance of Geospatial technologies in mining and analsying the lack of awareness about new technologies and innovation, Fleming Gulf brings you a platform to advance with the emerging technologies. The essential focus of the GEO-MINING Africa Summit is to recognize the user‘s specifications & requirement, addressing the challenges and connecting the technology with people, stimulating a sustainable development for the Mining Industry in Africa.

Acknowledging the necessity and the endless potential Geospatial technology has in transforming the Mining Industry in Africa, this summit will provide a dynamic platform for immense knowledge sharing, fostering an international networking and discussing their Geospatial demands, plans, initiatives, experience, best practices, technologies and applications with users within Africa and across the Globe. The program will target at Learning and adopting new Geospatial technologies for overall Business efficiency Assesing the benefits, opportunity and challenges in application of Geospatial technologies in all the phases of mining Role of Geospatial technologies and tools for critical business decision making, boosting and taking the African Mining Industry to a new scale.

Contact Person: 
Dr. Christopher Nyamai
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