Economic Minerals, Energy and Water Resources Career Opportunities
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Economic Minerals:

Geologists are trained to study the materials, processes, products, physical nature, and history of the Earth. In particular, geologists specializing in Economic Geology explore for and develop metallic and nonmetallic resources; they study mineral deposits and find environmentally safe ways to dispose of waste materials from mining activities. In the country and regional area, these geologists have found employment in relevant government ministries, research and teaching institutions, private mining industries like the Portland and Bamburi cement industries, Magadi soda ash company, Fluorspar mining company, precious metals (e.g. gold, silver, copper) and gemstone mining companies (e.g. Barrick Gold, Aviva Mining, Cortec company, Aqua Mines etc..

Water Industry

Geologists with an interest in water resources are trained as Hydrogeologists. They study the occurrence, movement, abundance, distribution, and quality of subsurface waters and related geologic aspects of surface waters. The main employer is the government is the Ministry of Water, Irrigation and Natural resources. In the private sector they get employment in various water exploration and drilling companies. A good number of hydrogeologists are self employed carrying out consultancy services for groundwater water explorations in various parts of the country.

Energy Resources

Energy resources in the country include petroleum, gas, coal and geothermal resources. Geologists with a bias towards petroleum resources are trained as Petroleum geologists. These are the category of professionals who are involved in exploration for and production of oil and natural gas resources. Geologists with an interest in coal and geothermal resources are currently employed by the government ministry of Petroleum and Energy resources, parastatal bodies like Geothermal Development Company and Kenya Electricity Generating Company (Kengen), as well as other private power generating companies.