Sustainable Management of Water Resource in the East African Rift System
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Mawari, the acronym for “Sustainable Management of Water resources in the Rift Valley, is a project which was funded by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs through the International Centre for Scientific and Exchanges in Geosciences. Three countries traversed by the East African Rift valley are involved in this project. These include Kenya, Ethiopia and Djibouti.

In Kenya, the project was hosted by the Department of Geology in the School of Physical Sciences, College of Biological and Physical Sciences of the University of Nairobi. The project was headed by Prof. Justus Barongo and involved participants from other institutions/organizations such University of Nairobi (Department of Geology), Kenyatta University, Ministry of Water and Irrigation, National Environment Management Authority, Kenya Agricultural Research Institute (National Agricultural Research Laboratories) and Regional Centre for Mapping of Resources for Development     

The overall objective of this project was to contribute to the improvement of knowledge and understanding of the groundwater life cycle and, consequently, to set guidelines to help decision makers in a sustainable management of the water resources in the Rift Valley. Further, the specific objectives included:-

(i) To understand the natural and anthropogenic elements that contributes to groundwater pollution in the Rift Valley.

(ii) To understand the hydrological, hydrogeological and hydrodynamic rocesses  controlling the groundwater distribution and flow in the Rift Valley.

(iii) To understand the physiographic, geological, pedological and hydrogeological factors that contribute to vulnerability of groundwater to pollution in the Rift Valley

(iv) To provide information support for development of policies and measures to enable protection of groundwater from pollution in the Rift Valley.

(v) To build institutional capacity for national and regional collaboration in the promotion of research in sustainable water resources management in the Rift Valley.


French Ministry of Foreign Affairs through the International Centre for Scientific and Exchanges in Geosciences (CIFEG)

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