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Gold mining in Kakamega’sRosterman Mines gave people hope of a better life during the gold rush of the 1930’s. However, as soon as the mining activity by the company was done, they shut down operations and left the area that is still known as Rosterman.

According to recent surveys of the area it has been said that large gold deposits still underlie the western region of Kenya. This has led to influx of miners and prospectors back into the area. Everyone is pinning their future hopes on the money-making gem.

As a way of finding out why no one ever ventured into gold mining in the area as seriously as The Rosterman Company did, this project is dedicated to coming up with methods that could be used by the residents to mine gold and come up with as much income as they possibly can from their yield.

Using information gathered from the ministry of Environment and Natural Resources, internet, and a trip to the study area, I was able to determine the geology of the area from the underground borehole logs. Using this information, I was able to locate the gold veins and come up with the best possible methods that could be used to extract gold from the area.

The methods, most of them alluvial methods; were chosen because of their simplicity, ease of training, accessibility of equipment; most of which can be improvised. They should prove of good use to the residents if well done.

Governmental intervention is required for the training of the locals about the methods to reduce deaths and avoid accidents. If all the recommendations could be adhered to then the methods chosen should work fine without any problems.