Dr. Daniel Ichang'i Appointed the New Chairman, Department of Geology
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Thu, 2015-04-23 15:54
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Department of Geology

It is with great pleasure we announce the Appointment of Dr. Daniel Weru Ichang'i as the 10th Chairman of the Department of Geology. This comes after his predecessor, Dr. Christopher Nyamai finished his last 3 year term and is the current Ag. Dean of the School of Physical Sciences.

Dr. Ichang’i has over 30 years of professional experience ranging in various facets of both administrative and technical sectors. These have ranged from the challenging and versatile field of Economic Geology where he has set footing into Research, Consultancy and Lecturing, to matters of Public Administration in various professional capacities.

In Economic Geology Dr. Ichang’i brings over 30 years of experience in active research and lecturing, with over fifteen (15) years in active consultancy. His core research interests, which he pursues to this day, include economic geology, stratigraphy and geochemistry of Archean Cratons of East African, gold and massive sulphide mineralization in the Nyanza greenstone belt, geology, geochemistry and economic mineral potential of the Migori segment, similar mineralization in adjacent regions of the high grade Proterozoic mobile belts surrounding the East African (Tanzanian) Craton, e.t.c. He is also regarded widely as a leading expert on the Geology of gemstones, industrial rocks and minerals in Eastern Africa making him one of the most sought-after consultants in this highly specialized field.

In the world of Academia, Dr. Ichang’i has come to be regarded as a cornerstone of Geological Study stemming from over thirty (30) years in active lecturing. His amazing journey into Geology began with his pursuit of a B.Sc. Degree in Geology & Chemistry where he obtained a First Class Honours. This was prompted by successful scholarships for M.Sc. (James Brown MacMillan Grant) and Ph.D (GTF & CIDA) programmes, both of which were successfully completed. His PhD studies, specialising in The Geology of Ore Deposits; Geochemistry; Environmental Geology were undertaken at the world-renowned McGill University, under the direct supervision of the world-leading Prof. W. H. MacLean. Since then, Dr. Ichang’i has himself taught as well as supervised many other leading Geologists, Engineers and Consultants who have all turned out to be leaders in their areas of specialisation. Among the courses taught by Dr. Ichang’i include Systematic Mineralogy, Ore Deposits, Geology and Mineral Resources of Kenya, Geological Field Mapping, Physical Environment in Geology for Architecture Students, Geochemistry and Industrial Minerals for both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. He has since participated in and been awarded various scholarships and grants towards research and study.

Dr. Ichang’i is an authority on energy resources and has research interests and consultancy touching on Article 76 of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) and Delineation of Kenya’s Outer Continental Shelf Area beyond 200 nautical miles. He has a continuing interest in Kenya’s inner and outer continental shelf areas and is continuously researching as well as consulting on the implications on the potential for oil and other energy resources.

Apart from these, Dr. Ichang’i has also been actively involved in Environmental Disaster Assessment and management in Kenya with special emphasis on landslides in Central Kenya. He has also participated in hydrogeology and groundwater resources of various geological terrains in Kenya.

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Mon, 2018-04-23 15:54
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Department of Geology